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6 person luxury gypsy wagon

Our new pipowagen is currently being built. The pipowagen has a size of 11 by 3 meters. With a veranda all around, you can sit in the sun at any time of the day. The gypsy wagon is completely free and has a view over the fields of Jelsum where you can spot the deer. You will find a luxury kitchen with an oven and refrigerator with freezer. The gypsy wagon has a separate master bedroom with a large double bed and its own veranda with door, built-in closet space and infrared heating. The living room is 6 by 3 meters and has a separate dining area and sitting area with infrared heating. Open patio doors. In addition, there is a double box bed of 1.40 by 2.00 meters where another 4 people can sleep. The bathroom has a large shower and a vanity unit and toilet. Our sewage is filtered  by a natural helophyte (marsh plants) filter. Our pipowagen will be available from mid-April and more and more photos will be shared here.

The first 2 photos are a map of the gypsy wagon and the kitchen that will be in it. The other photos are of gypsy wagons that are as built and that show what our gypsy wagon will look like.


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